Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner. Should I play Badminton in a club?

Definitely! We offer players of every age and skillset. As a beginner you benefit from the advice of our experienced players, who always welcome you to the training.

Can I try out the training before subscribing?

Sure you can experience our club a few times for free. Ideally you contact us first via the contact form.

Who is my go-to guy at the training?

You can find one of our coaches at the gym on almost every trainings day. If not, every single club member is happy to help you.

What do I need to bring with me?

You only need sport clothing including shoes with a bright sole and sufficient water. You can borough rackets for the first times, if you don't have your own already. We also provide you with shuttles.

I would like to attend in competitions. What do you offer?

This Season we compete in almost every Swabian League with four Senior-Teams and five Junior-Teams. We are always looking for motivated players to support our teams. Also we participate in tournaments in the vicinity, as well as all over Germany for every age and skillset.

I don't want to attend in competitions. Do I have to?

No, participating in competitions is optional.

Do you provide training during holidays?

Our TVA-Gym is not affected by holidays. Public gyms on the other hand are usually closed. Our Coaches will inform you about exceptions.

When is the best time to join the training for the first time?

For beginners we offer training with a trainer on tuesdays at 19:30 at the MT and free play on thursdays at 20:30 at the TVA-Gym. If you have participated in competitions before, you might want to try our training for skilled players on mondays at 20:00 at the TVA-Gym. Times for kids depend on their age. You can see the details here.